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European companies active in the US face specific challenges different from those of their local competition. Even if these companies were previously American owned organizations, employing mostly local employees, there are many issues which need to be dealt with on a daily basis. Issues such as differing language and culture may result in misunderstandings and miscommunication, a different approach to business and measuring results, underestimating the sheer size of this market, limited budgets, etc. Many European companies that are very successful in the home market with their product or service offerings, often struggle to achieve that same amount of success in the US. Ultimately, a company can have a superior product or service, but if companies are unable to attract high caliber human capital/talent because of their relative obscurity here, this presents a sizeable hurdle on the road to success in the US.

Our company has European roots, employing mainly professional recruitment consultants who were born and raised in Europe yet have been working and living in the US for many years. The ability of our consultants to straddle both business cultures, allows them to readily understand a client's needs and challenges in the local market. We literally speak each other's language. Very often we are intimately aware of our client's origins and brand name overseas. This unique understanding coupled with years of experience in the US market enables our consultants to offer a service which is unmatched by local recruitment companies. Our experience coupled with a sensitivity to the cultural nuances of international business, results in a fine tuned ability to locate just the right talent for a client base of local companies reporting into a European structure. For more info about our European Desk, feel free to contact Remco Kramer.

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